Selecting the Right Wig for You

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Hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of cancer treatment, although there are ways women can combat this issue. Finding a wig is just like shopping for any other fashion accessory as there are a wealth of options to choose from nowadays. Here are some tips on how to select the right wig for you.


The first part of the process involves getting the right measurements as you want to be sure your wig fits snugly. The best way to measure is to take a measuring tape and wrap it around your head so that it runs just above your ears and across your forehead. The next step is to measure the area between the base of your neck and your scalp. That should help you match your size with wigs of the same dimensions. It is also important to always try a wig on as not all will fit perfectly.


The price of a wig is typically dictated by its quality and a lot of that has to do with what kind of hair it is made from. Wig options include human, some animal and synthetic hair. Prices for a wig can go from as little as $30 all the way up to a couple of thousand dollars. Keep in mind that human hair wigs are the steepest in price and take time and care to maintain. While visiting Unique Boutique for wigs and accessories, an associate with happily assist you in narrowing down our wide variety of options.


Buying a wig is not the only purchase that will have to be made. There is also the need to purchase hair care products that will help with daily upkeep of a wig. There are specific brushes used on wigs as well as products used for washing. An investment in a wig should also come with the investment in the right products that will ensure a beautiful look day in and day out.


It is important to note that chemo treatments have a tendency to lighten a woman’s skin tone, so matching the right wig means you might not buy one identical to your natural hair color. It is often recommended to go one shade of color lighter than that of your natural hair. This is also important with the blending process. Other than that, all the usual rules of thumb for hair color and style should apply.

Unique Boutique has a large supply of wigs and our staff takes the time to work with each customer so that she gets the right wig for her. For the best wigs in Charlotte, check out Unique Boutique and keep in mind that we offer mastectomy bras and apparel as well.

Wardrobe Tips to Follow After a Mastectomy

Pexels Ron Lach 8453659Undergoing a mastectomy is a difficult time for women. And afterward, there will be the need to add a few new items to their wardrobe. Clothing made especially for women going through this ordeal can make life easier. There are also specialty stores, like Unique Boutique, that help to make the selection process less overwhelming.


Here are some wardrobe tips to consider after a mastectomy regardless of where you choose to shop.

Wearing tops with wide necks makes it easier to pull them off, particularly if it needs to be done with one hand. In some cases, one arm may be subject to certain restrictions as movement may be limited. Finding some tops you can remove right over your head will make things easier.

If you are self-conscious about your appearance, try using some accessories to draw attention from your chest area. Jewelry can accomplish this task and don’t be afraid to go gaudy or be more elaborate than you usually would. However, necklaces are one type of jewelry that could actually attract more attention to your chest area. So, be wary about how they are worn particularly the length.

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Going with an all-over print is a great way to hide the recent changes to your body. One should be wary of tops that have any kind of ruffles or pockets around the chest area as that will draw attention there.

Wearing a scarf has multiple purposes as it can add some color to your outfit and be a focal point. A scarf can also do a good job of hiding the chest area if you are looking for a little added coverage.

There is nothing at all wrong with wearing a tunic that is loose fitting or oversized. Many styles of tunics have generally become very popular and trendy. Women should be comfortable with wearing this type of garment, although it does not have to be an everyday thing. You can even use a layering tank underneath a tunic.

Tops that open in the front with press studs or buttons can make getting dressed a whole lot easier. If there are any continual aches in the shoulder area, this is a good choice.

If you are wearing a mastectomy bra, many of them tend to sit higher up on the chest so that they can hold custom breast forms in place. Tops with high necklines do a better job of concealing any undergarments.

When it comes time to go shopping for apparel following a mastectomy, we welcome women to visit the large selection at Unique Boutique. There they can also find wigs and mastectomy bras in this Charlotte NC “Unique Boutique” and one-stop shop.

Breast Cancer Awareness is a Year-Round Endeavor

Breast cancer awareness month takes place in October as pink is applied to many different kinds of endorsements benefitting this cause. However, breast cancer awareness is not just limited to one month as it has become a year-round endeavor.

Patients around the country continue to participate in research programs, which essentially puts treatment into their own hands. There are various labs that offer tours and free trials for women battling with breast cancer. Many conventional studies are conducted in closed labs, although opening up research allows women to play an active part. Doctors can also benefit from more women willing to try these new treatments. This option is steadily gaining more momentum, although raising awareness is key to getting more women involved.

Bigstock Woman In T Shirt With Pink Can 77119850Awareness has also surfaced when it comes to strategies aimed at reducing the risk of breast cancer. Women are diagnosed at all different ages, so it is important to know the proper ways in which may prevent the onset of breast cancer. That starts with living a healthy lifestyle and some key preventive measures include breastfeeding, working out, reducing alcohol intake and maintaining an ideal body weight.

However, there are other preventative measures women can take, such as understanding their family history and recognizing whether or not they could be more prone to breast cancer. Those who have a higher chance of being diagnosed could even take medication to help prevent it.

Every year, many organizations donate to breast cancer awareness. That means more and more money is given to the cause and that translates into ever-changing research, which advances pretty much on a monthly basis. That is why it is important for women to stay updated on the latest research and developments. That does not limit the pool of women to those who already have breast cancer. Research has also been aimed at identifying ways in which to prevent breast cancer.

Knowing the symptoms of breast cancer should be a prerequisite for all women as there is not one month of the year in which they should check for the following symptoms: unusual breast pain or swelling, skin irritation or dimpling, thickening of the nipple, nipple retraction. Being aware of your own body may be the most heightened form of awareness.

Unique Boutique is a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness as our store caters to women who are battling cancer. We provide a full line of mastectomy bras and custom breast forms in Charlotte NC. You can also visit Unique Boutique online to learn more about all of the quality products we have to offer.

Bangs on a Headband: A Popular Response to Female Hair Loss

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The unfortunate occurrence of hair loss will affect a good deal of women undergoing cancer treatment. However, buying a wig is not the only option as there are other alternatives. There are attachments available that provide women with actual bangs.

These are commonly known as bangs on a headband and are often complemented with the use of a turban, scarf or hat. By wearing a turban or scarf, women can tuck the hair in and give the appearance that they have a full head of hair. There is no need to worry about standing out in a crowd as these bangs will allow women to blend right in.

Colors are not limited as these bangs come in a variety of shades. If you have blonde, brown, red, gray or black hair, there are various shades of each which can bear a close resemblance to your natural hair color. Those shades range from chestnut to light blonde to a dark espresso color.

They can be worn with hair of any lengths and are also an alternative when women have experienced complete hair loss. There is no technical way to put these bangs on as their ease of use have made them a popular alternative to wigs. They are made with flexibility and comfort as well.

Women typically use these bangs for travel or going out of the house as they suit all types of occasions. They can even hold up in outdoor settings like the beach as they will not frizz.

Bangs even come in different varieties of styles as fringe bangs on a headband can add a whole new look when compared to traditional bangs. All of the versions are lightweight and many women consider them to be chic and stylish. Hats are also commonly worn with these bangs as it enables women to feel more confident with none of the hassles of a full wig.

The price is usually quite agreeable with many of these bangs on a headband. It is a less expensive alternative to buying a wig, many of which could escalate quite a bit in price.

For women battling with hair loss near Charlotte NC, Unique Boutique has all types of bangs on a headband and wigs. All styles of Charlotte wigs and accessories can be purchased at affordable rates as Unique Boutique has something for every woman battling hair loss. Our surplus also includes apparel, mastectomy bras and custom breast forms.

Mastectomy Bras for the Active Woman

Returning to all the activities of everyday life after a mastectomy is an important part of the recovery phase for women. That includes a return to sports and other types of aerobic activities. Women now have the option of wearing a mastectomy bra that is built for all of those occasions.

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Sportswear serves a purpose beyond the aesthetic as it is designed to regulate body temperature while engaging in high-intensity activities. When it comes to bras, this includes regulating the cooling and also preventing overheating. The fabric used in mastectomy sports bras reduces the amount of perspiration. This is done with the use of microfiber, which serves the function of accelerating the drying process.

Trying out mastectomy sports bras before buying is important because some offer more support than others. Most are easy to get in and out of, although some tend be favored more than others by women. The neckline is typically high in a mastectomy sports bra which helps to limit movement while exercising. The only way to really test that out is by scheduling a fitting.

Excess coverage under the arms also provides added protection and a sense comfort that can give women with an extra shot of confidence when working out. Some of these bras have zippers in the front and are often worn over the course of a normal day after a mastectomy for their comfort and convenience. They do not always have to be worn during an activity.

Some of the necklines in mastectomy sports bras have mesh detailing to make them more fashionable. A sporty mesh around the neck adds some appeal and that kind of mesh sometimes shows up around the back for the purpose of improving ventilation. Adjustable elastic straps also allow women to ensure the bra matches their comfort level.

The underband of a mastectomy sports bra is part of its support system, although the rest of the bra can be made up of all types of materials. There are even blends which include part polyester, cotton and spandex. That is why it is important to sample a variety of mastectomy bras before buying.

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When it comes time to find your mastectomy sports bra, check out the wide selection and Unique Boutique. There is something for every woman, with a vast supply of mastectomy bras from all the top-name designers. The search for mastectomy bras in Charlotte cane begin and end with a trip to Unique Boutique.